Body massage and therapy

There are many benefits to body massage and body therapy; eases muscle pain, improves circulation, soothes anxiety and depression, improves sleep and boosts immunity, relieves headaches, restores balance and harmony in mind and body….


myofascial release


myofascial release techniques are specialised to release restrictions within the connective tissue, enabling it to become more pliable, soft, mobile and hydrated and this helps with chronic joint or muscle injuries, sports injuries, frozen shoulder, sciatica, planta fasitis and much more……

Thai stretch therapy


Using stretching techniques incorporating yoga like stretches to reduce stress and improve circulation, increasing your flexibility and range of movement, aligning and balancing your body, restoring balance and harmony in mind and body.

Thai pressure point therapy


Using thai pressure point therapy techniques to clear any blockages within body releasing any points of tension within body which assists in alignment of body,  relieves pain, improves neurological functioning, improves circulation, increases your energy flow and flexibility in your range of movements, leaving you feel balanced in harmony, mind and body.

regular oil based relaxing massage movements


Let yourself feel relaxed and reduce your stress levels with a relaxing massage.

30 minutes massage and therapy to choose….


half an hour of whatever massage techniques you would like, and what area you would like working on…..

45 minutes massage and therapy to choose….


45 mins of whatever massage technique you would like….

60 minutes massage and therapy to choose….


Give yourself an hour of your time to ease any muscle pain, improve circulation, choosing whatever massage techniques you feel right for you…..

90 minutes massage and therapy….


give yourself and hour and a half of whatever your body needs , and maybe finish with half hour pure relax…..