Body Inch loss

Give yourself a body confidence boost with an inch loss treatment; it’s a positive way to motivate you to start a healthy lifestyle approach especially combined with a nutritional analysis, see nutrition page for more details.



Transion Inch Loss Treatment


Transion Inch Loss Treatment

Lasting results that can be measured immediately after the very first transion Inch Loss treatment, with 15 minutes precise muscle exercise and 15 minutes of toning and firming.

Sliming, toning and firming for the whole body. Choose which layout you would prefer, for example the most popular is across stomach area, or the buttocks area….. It also accelerates the metabolism of fat.

Mechanical Massage G5


G5 spot reducing treatment for the stubborn hip and thigh areas, so this treatment would be on your thighs to reduce the appearance of cellulite,  improving skin texture and reducing muscular tension.  Essential where fat and cellulite are present.

Shrinking Violet Body Wrap Treatment


This wrap has an active ingredient which is used to break down fat cells, it is oil based and you will be wrapped in a special cling film, with an electric blanket underneath and a duvet cover over top, where you can melt away and this treatment comes with a facial whilst you drift off.  You will need to allow an hour and fourty five minutes for this treatment as time for measuring before and after, and getting you wrapped up and comfortable, as you are wrapped up all relaxed for a good hour of total relaxing bliss while having your facial at the same time.