Pilates and Kettlebells in Street & Glastonbury

Join either or both Pilates and Kettlebells in Street and Glastonbury

Exercising has many health benefits and by joining fitness classes your off to a great start. Not only is it good therapy but it is important that you have this time for ‘you’! It can reduced blood pressure, lowers type 2 diabetes risk, maintain immune functioning, keeps bones strong, improve sleep, mood and lower anxiety which then can boost mental wellness.

Pilates at  The Bashu Hall, Brookside Academy School, Brooks Road, Street, BA16 0PR on a Monday at 6:45pm and Wednesday evening at 7pm.  We will be resuming the Monday evening class from September and Wednesday from end July onwards in their marquee for summer.

(Take entrance signposted for nursery, parking on right, Bashu Hall on left).

Full body kettlebell workout at Trainstation Gym, 14-15 Dyehouse Lane, Glastonbury, BA6 9LZ.  Kettlebells Tuesday 7pm, Thursday 6:30pm….resuming end July….

Garden classes available, in either my garden or yours. Either one on one pilates or kettlbells or workout to suit your needs. £30. Want to split cost? grab a couple friends, can do in pairs or groups of three. so, if two of you £15 each and three of you would work out £10 each.  Contact me to discuss availability.